By Shannon Steele

In many areas of the globe, lack of physical access to health centers is a huge barrier in receiving care. Harsh topography, poor roads, and seasonal weather patterns can isolate individuals in rural areas from medical care. This delay in care can increase the mortality risk of treatable conditions like measles, pneumonia, and complications in childbirth, as well as many others. Continue Reading »


By Gursimar Sawhney



Yemen has now seen the worst cholera outbreak in history. Every year, there are 3-5 million cases worldwide but in the past year and half, one million cases have occurred in Yemen alone.

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By Francesca Toto

What I found most interesting about the news story is the juxtaposition between dental care inequality and economic success for an individual.  The article stated, “People with bad teeth can be stigmatized both in social settings and in finding employment.” There are studies published that document how we make judgements about one another, and intelligence is highly associated with aesthetics of teeth and mouth. A randomized study in Brazil where employers were shown two images, one of a person without dental problems, and vice versa, showed that employers were more likely to judge the person with uncorrected dental problems as being less intelligent, and less suitable for the job.

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Medical Education

By Tyler Takata

When I first came to Boston University I knew very little about what I would use my time at the university to pursue and I was not the only one without a clue. As a freshman I met few people who had firm plans and even fewer who had really sat down and in detail outlined their next steps for a successful career. The ones with a clue, those who had a plan, they were pre-med.

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By Lauren Spearman

Today I watched a very shocking news story, about a mother of two who at the age of 37 years old died from the flu just 3 days after being diagnosed. Although the mother’s children and husband were vaccinated, she herself was not. In the news video her father says “things just went downhill so fast,”describing his daughters health condition once diagnosed with the flu. This video caught my eye for a few reasons, the first of which being that it truly brought into perspective how dangerous this flu season is.

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By Connor Smith

In a speech given on February 20th , President Rodrigo Duterte of the Philippines began an odd and dangerous digression in which he stated that condoms should not be used during sex due to the fact that they reduced the pleasure of the act.

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By Jack Nystrom

The 2014 Ebola outbreak served as a terrifying wake-up call for the United States. While only a small number of Americans actually died as a result of Ebola, the CDC recommended that Americans limit their travel to West Africa (CDC 2018). Continue Reading »